Central Gas Origination & Trading 2001 Income Statement ($000s)

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Central Gas Origination & Trading 2001

Income Statement - ($000s)

Balance Sheet ($000s)

2001 Goals & Objectives

2001 Goals & Objectives

  • Market Deliverables (Continued)

    • Strategic Outsourcing/Customer Asset Management
      • Increase Management and Control of Strategic/Targeted Customer
        • Assets
        • Obligations
        • Procurement
    • Market Perspective Profile
      • State
        • Regulatory
        • Infrastructure
      • Customer
        • Individual
        • Class
  • Strategy

    • Set specific coverage goals by region and customer class by March 6, 2001. Implement matrix coverage in a conjunctive effort between Origination and Trading.
    • Determine customer asset and service territories providing optimal corridor access to West, North East and Central regions.
    • Execute a portfolio of customer transactions to create a connected market area network of information.

2001 Goals & Objectives

  • Strategy (Continued)

    • Monitor macro market transformations and create products specific to evolution by focusing on effected commodities due to:
      • Transforming Regulation
      • Transforming wholesale customer base
      • Transforming asset requirements/usage
    • Develop and implement pipeline strategy in support of traded products and services with key Midwest pipelines and customers.
    • Employ a FT regulatory staff member to focus on wholesale market strategies and implement a pro-active wholesale regulatory agenda.
    • Build Gas Fundamental database specific to:
      • Customers
      • Regulatory

Minnesota, N.Dakota and S.Dakota

Iowa, Missouri and Nebraska

Arkansas, Kansas, and Oklahoma

Arkansas, Kansas, and Oklahoma




Indiana and Ohio




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