Check the following common expressions, idioms and phrases and find out their meanings

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Check the following common expressions, idioms and phrases and FIND OUT their meanings.

Bored to death
You've got to be kidding
Sick and Tired
Call it a day
Get on one's nerves
Couch potato
Read one's mind
Feel blue
Fender bender
Get foot in the door
Give somebody a hard time
Make up one's mind
Go Dutch
Throw in the towel

Goose bumps
Stay in touch
Have the guts
Rain or Shine
I'm beat
Easier said than done
It's about time
Jump to conclusions
Keep an eye on
Out of the blue
Know something inside out
Give someone a hand
Now and then
Nuke - Microwave
On the dot

Keeping my fingers crossed
Out of this world
Over one's head
Pain in the ass
Piece of cake
Sooner or later
Pull someone's leg
Put oneself in one's place
I can eat a horse
Read between the lines
Rings a bell
Sleep on it
Play it by ear 
Speak of the devil

Grab a bite
Take it easy
Go with the flow
Twenty-four seven
Under the weather
Don't sweat it
You can say that again
Beats Me
I Don't Buy it

Keep Your Cool
Sort Of
Good For You
Good Luck

Who Cares
Big Deal
What a Small World
Now You're Talking
Over My Dead Body
Coming Right Up
Good Thinking
Nothing Matters
Come On
Never mind
If You Insist
Stop It!
It's Nothing

What gives?
Fair Enough
Cat Got Your Tongue
My Pleasure
It Totally Slipped My Mind
Give It to Me Straight
It's written all over your face
Go For It
It's a Deal
Don't Be a Stranger
Let's Go Fifty- Fifty
Good for Nothing
You're Telling Me
Get a Life
Don't Joke With Me

I Can't Thank You Enough
My Two Cents
Just Name It
No Worries
Why so Blue?
Nature Calls
What's Eating You?
Shame on You
Hang In There
I Owe You
Take a Hike
It's a Piece of Cake
I'm On My Way
I'm Hosed
It's a Long Story

Since When
Got It
You Wish
You're Dressed to Kill
Behave Yourself
That Figures
Do Tell
No Sweat
I Blew It
I Messed Up
I Beg to Differ
Rise and Shine
You Bet
Pie in the Sky

No Strings Attached
Sleep Tight
It Can't Hurt
I Couldn't Agree With You More
Thank Goodness
You Made It
I'm Sick of It
Get Out of Here
You Made It Big
In Your Dreams
Hold On a Sec
That's easier said than done
You Never Know
Back to the grind

It Serves You Right
I Can't Wait
Lighten Up
Good Point
Just My Luck
It's Up To You
I Told You So
You Know Better Than That
Has Been Burned
Keep Me in the Loop
I'll Be Down
Get to the Point

Down to Earth

Sure Thing

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