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Country Tourism Profile

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Annual GDP in (USD)

761,00 Billion USD
for 2019

$719.95 Billion USD
for 2020

815,27 billion USD
for 2021

Tourism overview

Turkey-as a tourist destination, offers a mixture of Western and Asian influences in the culture, architecture and cuisine, as well as the great historic sites in combination with a beautiful natural environment. Geographically, the country is located in Western Asia and Southern Europe, which had an impact on its culture that combines Western features with those of the East. This state was ranked as the sixth most popular tourist destination in the world, attracting more than 32 million tourists in 2017 .This was the year which turkey has its peak year with tourists. Due to the importance that tourism has for Turkey’s economy, the government invests in developing infrastructure suitable for tourists. Arguably, Turkey has a lot to offer to tourists because they can choose a traditional vacation at the seaside in Antalya, or revert to sightseeing in the old cities of Istanbul and Ankara. Turkey has a rich and unique history since the state has been the Ottoman empire, where many remarkable historic sites were built, and because of its coastal location. However, when a tourist chooses a destination, they consider their own preferences, the experience they aim to gain with this journey and what a particular place has to offer.

National, regional or local tourism authority and their major functions

which ministry is responsible for tourism in Turkey?

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism is responsible for tourism in Turkey, with a number of directorates covering activities relating to marketing, investment, training and the conservation of heritage and assets.

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism is responsible for tourism policy and in particular:

Encouraging diversity in tourism

Promoting tourism facilities;
Geographical accessibility;
International marketing of tourism.

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