Dear Pomptionion, Dear Pomptionion

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Dear Pomptionion,

  • Dear Pomptionion,

  • The 5th grade would like for you to change some of the lunch menu items. Kids will buy more lunch if you offer mini sundaes. Most 5th grade students do buy school lunch but some kids currently don’t like the pudding on the lunch menu.

  • However, if we had mini sundaes kids would buy more school lunches. The Pomptionion café as well as the school would make a profit. We can raise more money for school field trips and field day.

  • Also, we surveyed the 5th grade students and on average 51 buy school lunch. More kids will buy school lunch if you add mini-sundaes. You can see that from my graph.

  • On the other hand, kids sometimes don’t like the lunch. That is why it should be changed. If kids don’t like the lunch they might bring money just for the sundae. If kids don’t buy a mini-sundae they can buy another food menu item that you add that everyone will like.

  • In conclusion, those are some examples why the Pomptionion café should change the pudding for mini-sundaes. Maybe the teachers might like them too. 54 kids out of 64 liked mini sundaes. Please consider this request.

  • Your friend,

  • Student A

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