Describe a daily routine that you enjoy

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Describe a daily routine that you enjoy
Although I have many chores which I do daily, there is a new unique feature I have added to my routine which is worth mentioning.
What is it?
It is the routine of practising intermittent fasting every weekday. I do it to remain fit. To do this, I take all my meals between 8 am to 5 pm.
Where and when do you do it?
o practice it properly, I take all my meals at home. Firstly I take breakfast around 8 am. After that, I go to college and come back at 1 pm, and that is the time when I have my lunch. And at 5 pm I eat dinner.
Who do you do it with?
Earlier I used to do it alone, but after seeing a significant improvement in me, my family members have joined me, and we do it together.
Please explain why you enjoy it.
I enjoy it for many reasons. Firstly, it helps me lose weight as it creates a calorie deficit. During fasting, my body burns stored fat for energy so that I can maintain optimum weight.
After following this routine, my looks have enhanced as I have lost extra fat in my body. People have started giving me compliments for my changed face.
Moreover, my energy level has doubled. Earlier I used to get tired by afternoon, however, now I remain active throughout the day, and this change in routine has brought a paradigm shift in my performance at work.
Lastly, as we all, family members pursue this routine together. It has bridged the gap because we spend quality time with each other by having our meals in unison.
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