Excalibur Basics 155 mm Precision-Guided Extended Range Munition for Cannon Artillery

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Excalibur Basics

Block I Variants and Requirements

Operational Concept

Excalibur Safety Features

  • Excalibur will be the most insensitive Artillery projectile in the inventory

  • Positive Feedback on Fuze Setter; Soldiers & Marines will know fuze is set

  • Base Cover lands in Danger Area Echo (~250 meters from gun)

  • Two arming environments (setback & spin); fuze safe for overhead fire

  • Fuze will not arm until round is within 3 sec TOF to aim point

  • FDC will compute Ballistic Impact Point (BIP)

    • AFATDS computes default BIP on gun-target line
    • FDC examines default BIP and either accepts or selects a different (safe) area
    • FDC selected area for new BIP (e.g., a FFA) need not be on gun-target line
    • If necessary, FDC enters new BIP location into AFATDS & re-computes mission
    • If round fails in-flight self-test then canards will not deploy & fuze will not arm
    • Faulty round would impact in BIP and warhead would not detonate

Technical Progress Summary 1

Technical Progress Summary 2

Urgent Fielding Effort

  • On 24 March the Army Resources & Requirements Board on validated the CFLCC Urgent Need Statement for a precision cannon munition

  • On 14 April Excalibur Conducted MS C Review

    • Brief conducted five months early
    • Acquisition Decision Memorandum signed 23 May
  • On 27 May OSD approved the TEMP to support Urgent Fielding

  • In mid June Army allocated additional funding

  • On 22 June Army signed a Low Rate Initial Production contract with Raytheon

  • Program on track to field projectiles to CFLCC in Iraq by the end of March 2006

Major Upcoming Test Events

  • Guided Gunfire B

    • Demonstrate initialization, projectile flight performance and Fuse Mode functionality
    • Various ranges and charges
    • Exposure to environmental conditioning
  • Sequential Environmental Tests - Safety

    • Extreme environmental conditioning
    • Loose cargo and drop testing
    • Sand & Dust exposure
    • Fired at charges up to PIMP+5%
  • First Article Test for XM982 (Block Ia-1)


Download 445 b.

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