Founded in 1787

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Founded in 1787


  • Overview

    • The ASC has been designated since 1988 as an undergraduate National Resource Center in East Asian Studies by the U.S. Department of Education. This identifies the ASC at the University of Pittsburgh as being among the best and most comprehensive in the country in research, public service, and teaching about East Asia.

Overview (continued)

  • Overview (continued)

    • Typically more than 3,500 graduate and undergraduate students enroll each year in Asia-related courses.
    • Graduate and undergraduate students interested in Asia can supplement and strengthen their major field of study by enrolling in the Asian Studies Certificate Program.



  • Challenges

    • Financial Troubles:
      • As is the case with many universities, recent economic troubles in the US and the world have made funding for outreach more difficult to maintain.
    • Reduced Resources in Schools and Community:
      • Fewer schools and community organizations have the ability to support outreach by themselves.

Partnerships as one solution

  • Partnerships as one solution

    • Title VI can help leveraging existing funding sources:
    • When a single funding source can not support a project, Title VI funding can supplement /complement.
    • Strategic use of Title VI funds can draw attention/invite interest reciprocal support for projects.
    • Title VI funding and host institution can combine to produce leadership and inter-organizational focus for existing funds and organizations.

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