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Dear Richard

I am interested with your business plan.Business plan that made is so effective and clearly explained .It is great to receive from you business plan like that .

Otherwise,you should change again the last aim from the business plan.From my everyday experience and observation,I can say you that your business plan is well made.Therefore,before all you should advertise well your product .

In addition,I recomended my advices from my practise.Please contact me If you have any questions or to arrange meeting. I wish you to reach high goals from this startup.

Thank you for your time

Dear Sasha Lenkova

I am so glad to contacting with you.Thank you for your answers.I am sad because of you said me that TrekStar XW isn`t enough to send,please tell me when you receive all my orderings.

First of all,There are some stores where I can buy terms but I wanna to buy from you.

I wanna to ask from you for a bigger discount,becase of long expectation.

I will be happy if you tell me the schedule of your delivery.I wanna to receive quickly all my orderings.I look forward to speaking with you in the near future.
Download 306.19 Kb.

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