Hazelwood Drive in Country Estates dedicated on March 22, 1976

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Country Estates was built by Thomas & Thomas Builders. Roads in this development consist of 

Countryside Drive, Spring Drive, Anglers Drive, five homes on Bell Road and nine homes on a 

portion of Hazelwood Drive. The section of Hazelwood Drive in Country Estates connects the 

old Hazelwood Drive that was a dead-end section to Countryside Drive.  

First plotted on September 9, 1974, this development was built in two phases. Phase I was Spring 

Drive from Bell Road to Anglers Drive and Anglers Drive and dedicated on April 23, 1973. 

Phase II was the remaining portion of Spring Drive, Countryside Drive and the portion of 

Hazelwood Drive in Country Estates dedicated on March 22, 1976.  

Country Estates has four lakes in their development. The lake at the end of Countryside Drive is 

located on common grounds and is used as a recreation area. There are a total of 79 homes in 

Country Estates including homes on Bell Road. Geauga County sanitary sewers service Country 

Estates and all homes are on wells.  

Voting is in Precinct A located at Gurney School.  


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