How balance staffs are replaced Ken Pell

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How balance staffs are replaced

  • Ken Pell

Components of balance assembly

  • Wheel (split or solid)

  • Staff (riveted or friction)

  • Hairspring (flat or overcoil)

  • Roller (single or double)

Why they must be replaced

  • Trauma, such as dropping or bumping watch which damages the staff and jewels

Pre staffing

Selecting replacement staff

Make a new staff?

  • Not necessary 99% of time

  • Need expertise on lathe

  • Outsourcing is possible

Take measurements

  • Hairspring hub

  • Roller hub

  • Pivots

Compare old to new

Modify if needed

  • Reduce diameter of hubs using lathe.

  • Choose another staff


Remove wheel from staff

  • Place staff in hole of table with wheel resting on the table.

  • Push or tap staff out


  • Place staff with roller side down in staking set.

  • Choose appropriate round face and flat face punches.

  • Place wheel over staff

  • Rivet


Replace roller

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