Chapter 2 Staff Attributes, skills and knowledge

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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Staff Attributes, skills and knowledge
2.1 Success in food and beverage service
2.2 Attributes of food and beverage service personnel
2.3 Key service conventions
2.4 Essential technical skills
2.5 Interpersonal skills
2.6 Health, safety and security

A career in Food & Beverage Operations is dynamic, fast-paced and exciting. It offers employees a chance to grow and learn a variety of managerial skills which can be used anywhere in the world, at any location (Cruise ships, hotels, casinos and more). International Hotel School’s online food and beverage management courses offer students a chance to learn how to build a successful food and beverage business through effective marketing strategies, satisfying the food quality and nutritional demands of guests, and increasing profits by maximising service, productivity, and the use of technology.

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Food and Beverage Operations
What makes a successful Food and Beverage operations manager?
First of all, you need the following qualities:
1: Be incredibly organised and flexible at the same time. Your ability to keep your admin duties up to date will definitely prove helpful. Make sure staff have prepared the set-ups for each F&B outlet ahead of time and that budgets are being met. Flexibility in the role will allow you to handle staff concerns, training or customer grievances, without interrupting your organised approach to running this department.
2: Be customer focused always. Your customers are your greatest source of feedback so move around on the floors, get to know people, get to know names and greet return guests by name. Have a genuine warmth and professional approach to meeting, greeting and talking to your customers.
3: Watch the pennies. Prevent wastage with accurate ordering and stock storage/control; prevent theft with accurate stock takes on a regular basis; monitor portion sizes to ensure accuracy when it comes to menu costings and train staff to detect discrepancies or problems without the fear of reporting these issues.

4: Good leadership and communication skills make you better than the rest. To stand out in the world of F&B as someone who deserves the top job, you must lead from the front. Take the lead, use your initiative, problem solve, mediate, motivate and above all, communicate with your staff on all levels.

5: Honesty and integrity are the most important qualities. Taking home the leftovers without getting permission, or not ringing up a friends drink - these are total ‘no-no’s and could not only see you lose your job, they also taint your reputation. Reputation means a great deal in this industry. So keep things above board, encourage honesty with your fellow workers or subordinates, and maintain your integrity no matter what. 2020. Success In The Food And Beverage Industry | IHS Online. [online] Available at: [Accessed 20 August 2020].

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