Seminars in modern english lexicology

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Dadakhonova Marjona


Student’s full name : Dadakhonova Marjona Group No_2015

1.Syntagmatic and paradigmatic approaches to the vocabulary classification
2.Synonymy and antonymy as reflection of semantic equivalence and contrast
3. Classification of synonyms and antonyms
4. Other classes of semantic groupings: euphemisms, paronyms, etc.
5. Semantic fields and other types of semantic groupings
1.АнтрушинаГ.Б., Афанасьева О.В., МорозоваН.Н. Лексикология английского языка, М.: Дрофа, 2006.- (pages 177-198).
5. Муминов О. Lexicology of the English language, T., 2008.- (pages 86-98).

Task 1: Answer the following questions in writing:

  1. What approaches to the vocabulary classification do you know?

  2. What do you understand as ‘semantic equivalence’ and semantic opposition’?

  3. What are the criteria for distinguishing synonyms?

  4. What types of synonyms can you name?

  5. What types of antonyms can we find in the English language?

Answers :
1. There are several approaches to the vocabulary classification... Morphological approach, semantic approach, frequency-based approach, Functional approach.
2. Semantic equivalence refers to the relationship between two words, phrases, or sentences that have the same or similar meaning. It implies that both linguistic elements convey a comparable message or share a common semantic content.
3. When distinguishing synonyms, several criteria can be used to determine their subtle differences. Meaning, Usage, Register, Connotation, Collocation.
4. There are several types of synonyms which can be classified based on different characteristics or aspects. Absolute or perfect synonyms, near synonyms, partial synonyms, Gradable synonyms, loanwords or borrowed synonyms.
5. In the English language, there are different types of antonyms that represent various degrees of opposition or contrast. Complementary antonyms, Gradable antonyms, relational antonyms, converse antonyms, contranyms antonyms.

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