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How to Choose a Scientific Topic for Your Research Paper Writing

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How to Choose a Scientific Topic for Your Research Paper Writing

10 February 2020, 3:52 pm EST By Staff Reporter Tech Times

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Undoubtedly, finding the appropriate topic for a research paper requires proficiency in the selected subject. It is also vital to be interested in the research and willing to contribute to the existing knowledge. A decent research paper should provide your unique perspective on a subject matter and expand the possibilities for future studies.

However, it might be difficult to choose the topic which both interests you and could be conducted in simple settings. You will also need to read the literature on the chosen issue and synthesize the data. In this regard, here are the most crucial steps in choosing a scientific topic for your next research paper.

Choose the direction

Before selecting a topic, you should establish the area for your research. In particular, you should decide what you want to explore and what goal you want to achieve. For this purpose, you will need to determine what type of research it would be and what method you will use. Another important notion is to select the narrow direction of the research to study the particular concept.

After that, you can start to brainstorm ideas and decide what you want to study. However, you have to remember not to choose the complicated research which requires a large sample group or information which is not accessible. For instance, researching a particular location would be a complicated task because it is challenging to get the data on a specific area.

Don't choose a popular topic

On the one hand, if you select the popular subject for the research, there will be a lot of material and sources to work with. However, on the other hand, there is a significant chance that somebody has already conducted similar research. As a result, you will not bring something new to the conclusions, and your research might be lost among the hundreds of similar studies. Your goal is to provide unique findings rather than just to prove your theory or hypothesis.

Even if you choose the topic which is related to a broad concept, make sure that you are going to explore it from a specific angle with the original approach. Your research should touch upon the topics which might be very subtle, and yet significant for the areas of study. For instance, instead of exploring the impact of video games on behavior of a child, try to dive deeper into studying how it contributes to the development of cognitive abilities.

Have a back-up plan

Be ready that once you have started working on one topic, you might discover that it has been studied by other scholars. Moreover, the hypothesis of similar research could be the same as yours. Stay flexible and try to have more than one idea regarding the specifics of your topic. Nevertheless, you can also work on expanding the topic. Just try to provide the additional details and apply other methods to provide the conclusions which were missing in the previous studies.

The best strategy is to outline several options for the topic which would be related to the core issues of research. Although it could be difficult to design the research methods for the multiple topics, make the list of the themes that you want to mention in your study. Subsequently, you could easily switch the emphasis into another direction while already working on a paper.

Consult with the professionals

If you cannot decide what area to choose or what direction to follow, you can ask the scholars in the particular discipline about what research question needs further studies. In addition, you will get the information and relevant references to the topic of your potential research paper. The assistance of the experienced researchers could also inspire you to find the area in the scientific study, which has never been explored.

Besides, you can consider a professional service to assist you in research paper writing, not only with the topic for the study but also with the proper formatting. The writing professionals are more aware of how to find credible sources and apply correct citations to them. Hence, you will be more concerned with collecting data and the research itself.

Select a topic that you are familiar with

This is the most useful advice because conducting research on a subject that interests you is both effective and motivational. If you choose to study something related to your working or personal scopes, you will be able to find the needed sources easily. Moreover, you will be familiar with the peculiarities and different perspectives on the topic including your own observations. Your engagement and enthusiasm about the subject matter could determine the results of the research paper.

Another factor in favor of choosing the familiar topic is the fact that you can expand your knowledge and proficiency in it. Your experience can be a crucial part of every aspect of a study including the research question, method, and results. All you have to do is to research the sources which would support your suggestions. This approach to the selection of a topic is the most productive way to conduct your research.

Final bits of advice

The above-mentioned tips would help you to come up with the research topic that would be both relevant to the scientific studies and interesting for you. Additionally, it is crucial to be prepared for the study and acquainted with the background information about the subject matter. Thus, the most useful suggestion is to choose a topic where you can quickly adapt to the changing circumstances and have sufficient understanding of its peculiarities.

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