Ibn Battuta & Marco Polo

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Ibn Battuta & Marco Polo

II. Marco Polo: Venetian trader who traveled by caravan on the Silk Roads

1. 1275 – Marco Polo arrived in Kublai’s court and served him for 17 years

2. Polo returned to Venice and was imprisoned during a war with a neighboring city

3. In prison, Polo told about his travels to the exotic East and his stories were gathered in a book by a fellow prisoner.

Ibn Battuta was an African Muslim.

At age 20, Ibn Battuta decided to go on his Hajj to Mecca.

Traveled 75,000 miles over 29 years and visited over 44 countries.

He was robbed by bandits.

He almost drowned in a shipwreck.

He was almost beheaded by a sultan.

He had a few marriages and fathered several children on his travels!

As he returned home he came upon the Black Death

1354 - Ibn Battuta dictated his memories to court poet Ibn Juzayy

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