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S.I. Inoyatov 
Chairman of Scientific Council on 
awarding the scientific degrees, Doctor of 
historical sciences, professor. 
D.M. Jamolova 
Scientific secretary of of Scientific 
Council on awarding the scientific 
degrees, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) on 
historical sciences. 
 Sh.A. Xayitov 
Chairman of Scientific seminar under of 
Scientific Council on awarding the 
scientific degrees, Doctor of historical 
sciences, professor. 

The aim of the research is to investigate and analyze objectively the 
historical processes associated with the establishment of healthcare system in 
Turkestan Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, Bukhara Peoples Soviet 
Republic and Khorezm Peoples Soviet Republic. 
The object of the researchis the investigation of establishing of healthcare 
system in Turkestan Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, Bukhara Peoples 
Soviet Republic and Khorezm Peoples Soviet Republic. 
Scientific novelty of the research is as follows:
the Turkestan Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, the Bukhara and 
Khorezm Republics revealed such factors as a shortage of medical institutions and 
medical personnel, poor sanitary and epidemiological work, hunger, which 
influenced the spread of social diseases, and completely new positive approaches 
to overcome them, such as measures to create mobile medical units, the impact of 
social living conditions on human health, prevention of fertility and child 
justified during the period of the fight against epidemics in 1917-1924, new 
structures such as the “sanitary inspection” and “sanitary militia” appeared for the 
first time in cities, which monitored the sanitary state of settlements, and the events 
of the “epidemic week”, “cleanliness weeks” served strengthening the health of the 
it was determined that the practice of medical insurance in the Turkestan 
Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, the Bukhara and Khorezm Republics was 
first applied in Uzbekistan in the 1920 s, when medical services were provided to 
the population in the form of insurance along with free and paid services; 
it has been proven that the creation of an enterprise for the processing of 
licorice root in Tashkent, such events as the cultivation of the medicinal plant 
valerian, are the first steps in the formation of the pharmaceutical industry in 

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