Legend of haapsalu white lady the biggest love story in history of Haapsalu

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The Estonians Maila and Olev fell in love.

They are very happy and meet every day in the holy forest.

At the same time in the church. The boys choir are practising for the important visit. The priest is getting angry, he can`t find the perfect treble.

The German young man Jonatan (the son of the priest) loves Maila too. The men are fighting –who will marry Maila?

Maila hurts Jonatan and runs away....

Maila is in trouble and hides herself in the church as a boy, because the rule is - no men in the church.

Maila sings very well and the priest is pleased....but Jonatan recognises Maila...

Please marry me and I will not betray you!

No-never! I love Olev!

The rule is cruel- Maila must put into the wall in the church......alive.....

Now every August when the moon is full Maila appeares on the window and whispers....Olev! Olev!

The End

Download 467 b.

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