Magic20 application is to read books in Tamil, listing books and podcast topics

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AWS Deployment-Present Stage

Magic20 application is to read books in Tamil, listing books and podcast topics.
Admin can create subscription, add books, add category, add Author, view book comment and ratings etc. User can access the book detail, listing book, rate book, save book for future, download book content and book audio, listen live podcasts etc.

  1. Application frontend is in flutter.

  2. Admin panel is in .Net Core 5.0 (MVC).

  3. Application Backend (APIs) are in .Net core 5.0 microservice architecture.

  4. Database is mongo DB (AWS Document DB).

Admin panel, podcast server and web are deployed on EC2. Database mongo DB created as AWS document DB.

We need to deploy all microservice on AWS serverless deployment using terraform and GitHub. We need to follow blow diagram. All microservice use the default VPC.

Steps done to create terra form.

  1. S3 bucket created.

  2. ECR created.

  3. ECS created.

  4. Container, task and service created.

  5. VPC created. (new VPC created for each time, need to use default already created VPC)

  6. Code pipeline created.

  1. Source stage connected to GitHub; Pipeline not updated when code push on GitHub.

  2. Build stage connected to source stage.

  3. Docker image created using buildspec.yml file.

  4. Pushed the latest image on ECR.

  5. Deployment stage got stuck (Showing error: - reason Health checks failed).

  1. Security group created.

Download 220.17 Kb.

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