Manx, a 6-d muon Cooling Experiment macc muons, Inc

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MANX, a 6-D Muon Cooling Experiment

  • MACC

  • Muons, Inc.


MANX Collaboration

MANX LOI Synopsis

MANX Motivations

Muons, Inc. Background

  • Idea of gaseous energy absorber enables new technology to generate high accelerating gradients for muons by using the high-pressure region of the Paschen curve.

  • Measurements by Muons, Inc. and IIT at FNAL have demonstrated that hydrogen gas suppresses RF breakdown

  • Concept of a cooling channel filled with a continuous homogeneous absorber to provide longitudinal cooling by exploiting the path length correlation with momentum in a magnetic channel with positive dispersion. (HCC)

  • HCC concept can be extended to the case of magnetic fields that change amplitude along the z-axis (the beam direction). For MANX, the beam momentum can change and the conditions for 6D cooling can still be met as a beam slows down in a continuous absorber.

Ionization cooling issues

HCC theory evolution

HCC Applications

  • As precooler:

  • absorber, no RF.

MANX HCC Design Evolution

Prototype Coils

  • First HCC coil manufacture..

Correction coils

Feasibility of RF in MANX

R & D Toward MANX/HCC Cooling..

  • Detectors:

    • Studies at FNAL by for cryo operation of scintillation fibers (M. Hu)
    • New detector proposals:
      • Multi-Pixel Photon Counters For Particle Detection Systems (new phase I 2008 proposal submitted to DOE SBIR)
      • Fast timing detectors ~ few picosecs resolution with U Chicago
  • RF

    • MTA beam test is scheduled for High pressure (GH2) RF at FNAL
  • HCC Ring Tests

    • Supported by FNAL and Muons, Inc. PH II
  • Simulations

MANX Near Future

  • FNAL has put muons on the agenda

  • FNAL MTA beam test is a priority

  • HCC theory is being simulated and refined:

  • HCC coil tests planned and implemented

  • Serious engineering concerns on MANX HCC being addressed

  • Muons, Inc. has joined MICE – natural collaborators, many similar problems (detectors/trackers/part. I.D./data acq)

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