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Вставьте местоимения some, any ,no, somebody, anybody, nobody, something, anything, nothing по смыслу.

1. I have ______ to tell you.
2. He never puts ______ sugar in his tea.
3. I must find______ for you to play badminton with.
4. There’s______ in my soup. It’s a mosquito.
5. Let’s have______ to drink. How about juice?
6. No, thanks. I’m not thirsty. I don’t want ______.
7. There’s______ at the door. I heard the doorbell ring.
8. Remember not to tell______ about him. It’s a secret.
9. Isn’t there______ more interesting to look at?
10. I’m thirsty. Can I have______ cold water? (просьба!)
11. I opened the door, but I could see______.
12. Susan seldom says______.
13. Stop sitting there doing______ and help me.
14. ______ can speak all the languages in the world.
15. We didn’t have______ milk for our kitten so I went out to buy it.

 Используйте слова в скобках для образования предложений в Past Simple. Обратите внимание, в какой форме должно стоять предложение (утвердительной, вопросительной или отрицательной).

1) They _____ football at the institute. (to play)
2) She _____ emails. (not / to write)
3) ____ you____ English? (to speak)
4) My mother ____ fish. (not / to like)
5) ____ Ann ____ any friends? (to have)
6) His brother _____ in an office. (to work)
7) She ___ very fast. (cannot / to read)
8) ____ they ____ the flowers every 3 days? (to water)
9) His wife _____ a motorbike. (not / to ride)
10) ____ Elizabeth_____ coffee? (to drink)

Найти прошедшую форму глагола

Break bring build eat choose come cut drink find give keep pay
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