Metal Music Intro What is metal music?

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Metal Music

  • Intro

What is metal music?

  • Metal music is a kind of music that blues shifted into heavy gothic industrial rock.

  • It was found by the group named Black Sabbath in 1965.

  • It plays with guitars, bass and drums


  • Metal music is usually plays with 3 kinds of instruments.

  • These are guitar (generally electric guitars), bass and drums.


  • Guitars is the main part of the metal music.

  • Electric guitars have 6 or 7 strings.

  • In every metal band there are at least one guitarist.


  • Drums make the listeners hear the melody better.

  • You have to play them with two drum sticks and your feet.

  • There is usually only one drum player in each band.


  • Bass is very important in the metal music. Without bass music will be very simple.

  • Usually you can hear the bass only in guitar solos.

  • Bass guitars have 4 or 5 strings.

  • There is usually one bass guitarist in every metal band.


  • Pedals are use to give special effects to the electric and the bass guitar.

  • Every guitarist in every band have pedal. Without pedal they can’t make any special effects and voices would be very simple.

Metal Music

  • History


  • Metal music was found by Black Sabbath in 1965.

  • Black Sabbath is a blues band that shifted into heavy gothic industrial rock.

  • Metal grew between 1978 and 1988 with bands like Slayer, Death, Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, Pantera and Sepultura.

  • In 1980s some new metal genres were invented by bands and lots of metal bands became famous.

Metal Music

  • Genres


  • Death metal

  • Black metal

  • Doom metal

  • Trash metal

  • Heavy metal

  • Hardcore

  • Grindcore

  • Rapcore

  • Nu-metal

Heavy Metal

  • There are 2 kinds of heavy metal.

  • One of them was found by Black Sabbath.(1965)

  • One of them was found by Pantera

  • Heavy metal is the first genre.


  • Alice in Chains, Anthrax, Black Sabbath, Battalion, Cathedral, Candlemass, Cinderella, Creepmime, Danzig, Death, Deep Purple, Def Leppard, Diamond Head, Extreme, Helstar, Faith No More, Iced Earth, Great White, Judas Priest, Kiss, Krokus, L.A Guns, Megadeth, Motorhead, Ozzy Osbourne, Poison, Rainbow, Scorpions, Skepticism, Thin Lizzy, Tool, Uriah Heep, White Zombie..

Death Metal

  • Death metal was found by Death (1980)

  • Vocalists use scream voice in death metal

  • Scream voice was invented by Chuck Shuldiner.

  • He was the vocalist and the solo guitarist of Death and he died last year


  • Abomination, Amorphis, Ancient Rites, Atheist, Baphomet, Cryptopsy, Death, Deicide, Demilich, Grotesque, Infester, Intestine Baalism, Kataklysm, Luciferion, Magus, Morbid Angel, Morpheus Descends, Mortem, Necromass, Nuclear Death, Rigor Mortis, Sadistic Intent, Sepultura, Sinister, Slayer, Therion, Unleashed, Vader..

Speed Metal

  • Speed Metal was invented by Slayer (1983) and devoloped by Megadeath and Metallica.

  • Guitarists and the drum players have to play their instruments very fast.

  • Metallica, Slayer, Motörhead and Megadeath is the most famous bands.


  • Slayer, Flotsam & Jetsam, Dark Angel, Metallica, Ludichrist, Anthrax, Megadeth, Great Kat, Carnivore, Suicidal Tendencies, Powermad, Prong, Nuclear Assault..


  • Hardcore was found in 1990.

  • Hardcore bands don’t play any guitar solos.

  • Hardcore makes people dance.

  • The most famous bands are Korn, Slipknot and Coal Chamber.


  • Rapcore was found by Rage Against The Machine.(1992)

  • Its metal music mixed with rap music.

  • The most famous bands are Cypress Hill, RATM and Playable On Death


  • Nu-Metal was found by Korn. (1993)

  • It’s a kind of metal music that is entertaining.

  • It’s also mixed with rap music.

  • Nu-metal has lots of guitar effects.

  • Most famous bands are Limp Bizkit, Godsmack, Rob Zombie, Korn and Drowning Pool.


  • Pantera was formed in Mexico Tx.(1982)

  • They are the inventer of power metal and heavy metal.

  • Between 1982 to 1986 they weren’t heavy.

  • In 1992 they became the heaviest metal in the world.

  • They are still the heaviest metal in the world with their albums Vulgar Display Of Power, Far Beyond Drivven, The Great Southern Trendkill and Reinventing Steel


  • Full Name: Philip Hansen Anselmo

  • Year Of Birth: 30th June 1968.

  • Place Of Birth: New Orleans, L.A.

  • Pantera Role: Vocals


  • Stage Name: Dimebag Darrell

  • Full Name: Darrell Lance Abbott

  • Year Of Birth: August 20th 1966

  • Place Of Birth:Dallas TX

  • Pantera Role: Guitarist


  • Full Name: Rex Robert Brown

  • Year Of Birth: July 27th 1964

  • Place Of Birth: Graham TX

  • Pantera Role: Bass


  • Stage Name: Vinnie Paul

  • Full Name: Vincent Paul Abbott

  • Year Of Birth: March 11th 1964

  • Place Of Birth: Dallas TX

  • Pantera Role: Drums


  • Slayer was formed in L.A. with Kerry King and Tom Araya.(1983).

  • They invited the speed metal.

  • In 80s they were the most famous metal band.

  • With the rise of Slayer metal music became heavier.

  • Metal became very popular with them.


  • Full Name: Tom Araya

  • Year Of Birth: June 6th, 1962

  • Place Of Birth: Chile

  • Slayer Role: Bass & vocals.

  • He is an anthi-christ.


  • Full Name: Kerry King

  • Year Of Birth: 1967

  • Place Of Birth: Los Angeles

  • Slayer Role: Solo guitars.


  • Full Name: Jeff Hanneman

  • Place Of Birth: Trivia

  • Slayer Role: Rhythm Guitars


  • Full Name: Paul Bostaph

  • Slayer Role:Drums

  • Bostaph joined Slayer in 1992 and left Slayer in 1996 to concentrate on his solo-project "The Truth About Seafood“

  • He joined Slayer in 1997 again.

Metallica was formed at the late 70s.

  • Metallica was formed at the late 70s.

  • In the 80s metallica became most famous band in the world.

  • They rised to Billboard Top 10 Charts.


  • Full Name:James Hetfield

  • Year Of Birth: August 3rd 1963

  • Place Of Birth: Los Angeles

  • Metallica Role:

  • Vocals & Guitars


  • Full Name: Kirk Hammet

  • Year Of Birth: November 18th 1962

  • Place Of Birth: San Francisco

  • Metallica Role: Lead guitar


  • Full Name:Lars Ulrich

  • Year Of Birth: December 26th 1963

  • Place Of Birth: Gentofte, Denmark

  • Metallica Role: Drums


  • Full Name: Jason Newstead

  • Year Of Birth: March 4th 1963

  • Place Of Birth: Michigan

  • Metallica Role: Bass

Rage Against The Machine

  • Rage Against the Machine was formed in 1991 by four established musicians from throughout the United States who met on the L.A. music scene.

  • Zack De La Rocha(vocals), Y.timK.(bass), Brad Wilk(drums), Tom Morello(guitars)

Rage Against The Machine

  • They invented the rapcore.

  • In their songs there are lots of guitar effects.

  • Their lyrics are about politics.

  • They mixed the rap music with metal music.

  • With their album The Battle Of L.A.(1999) they rised to top 50 in billboard music charts.

  • They also made a bridge to nu-metal.

Ozzy Osbourne

  • He was the vocalist of Black Sabbath but he sacked from Black Sabbath.

  • He began to make solo albums after he sacked.

  • Every year he preapares a metal festival in U.S.A. called Ozzfest.

  • Ozzfest is the biggest metal fesival in the world.

  • His daughters are also a (rock) singer.(John and Kelly Osbourne)

Turkish Bands

Turkish Bands

  • Metal became popular in Turkey in the middle 80s with Pentagram.

  • Pentagram is the most famous Turkish metal band. Their lyrics are both Turkish and English. They can’t gain any money from music becouse metal music isn’t supported in Turkey and Pentagram is more famouse in europe than in Turkey.

  • There are hundreds of Turkish bands but they aren’t famous and they don’t gain any money. They do music as a hobby not as a job.

Turkish Bands

  • Nearly all the Turkish metal bands are death metal and their lyrics are English.

  • Bands from İzmir record their songs in Negative Studio and bands from İstanbul record their songs in Hammer Music.

  • The most famous Turkish metal bands are;

  • Pentagram, Antisilence and Radical Noise

  • The Most Famous metal bands from İzmir are;

  • In Spite, Acrimony, Notwithstanding, Courtyard, Hecatomb and Berkaial.


  • Courtyard was formed in İzmir.(2001)

  • They released their demo CD on 15th of October called Refuseal. (Recorded in Negative Studio)

  • They played in Metal Monster Fest 2.

  • Courtyard is

  • Mert Güvener (Vocals), Reva Kurt (Drums), Egemen Kurşunlu (bass), Ferhat İntepe (guitars).

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