Mmg : a newcomer in Canada: Zinc Strategy Project History

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  • Zinc and Copper Concentrate from both Izok and High Lake as the base business case: both needed for an economic project

  • One plant only for both mines: Mine and Mill at Izok, tailings at Izok

  • Satellite Mine at High Lake, crusher only no plant

  • Port at Grays Bays, storage shed, fuel storage and camp

  • All-weather Road – from Grays Bay to High Lake and Izok sites : 350 km

  • Transport concentrate by truck from Izok to Grays Bay. Concentrate from both High Lake and Izok ore

  • Trucks pick up crushed High Lake Ore on the way back south and bring to Izok for processing

  • Ships at the port from early to mid August to October only

  • NO year round shipping

  • Assessed all assets-sale of Ulu and Lupin to Elgin Mining in July 2011

  • Commitment to continue exploration in other Nunavut properties

  • Transportation Options Review

  • PFS Completed

  • MMG Kugluktuk Office and Sponsorship Programs

  • Built a Core Team in Canada: engineering, consultation, environmental, H&S in addition to the geology team.

  • Re-Engagement with NIRB

  • 2012 Programs: baseline, geotech, metallurgy, FS

  • Potential construction start Q3 2015

  • Potential first ore processed Q1 2018

  • Potential first concentrate shipped August 2018

  • Mine Life (Izok) 12 years

  • Metal Production

      • Zn 2,038 kt (approx. 180 kt pa)
      • Cu 554 kt (approx. 50 kt pa)
      • Pb 135 kt (approx. 12 kt pa)
      • Ag 33.3 Moz (approx 2.8 Moz pa)
      • Au 201 koz (approx 17 koz pa)


Primary and possibly secondary crushing

    • Primary and possibly secondary crushing
    • Maintenance facilities
    • Warehouse and Laydown Areas
    • Fuel storage
    • Explosives storage
    • Ventilation fans
    • Dewatering infrastructure
    • Electric power distribution infrastructure


  • 8

Izok Mine

  • Izok Mine

    • 1 Open Pit, mined in 3 main phases
    • 1 Underground Mine
      • 1 Mt ore mined over 4 years
      • Lower grade than open pit, moderate zinc and copper grades and negligible lead



    • Assumed 330 days per year operation (weather, caribou)
    • Concentrate and Ore Movement (120 tonne capacity)
    • Diesel -tankers (60 tonnes capacity)
    • Containers and Equipment-3 container tractor-trailers
      • 3 truck-trips per day
  • Convoys of two to five trucks being studied

        • -PFS

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