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M&M’s Chocolate Candies

  • Presented by:

  • Megan Potier and Tracy Cole

Company/Owner Demographics

  • Owned by Master Foods USA

  • More than $5 billion in sales

    • $300 million in sales for M&M’s alone
    • Of that $300 million, $73.5 was put back into marketing last year
  • Employs more than 7,000 in U.S.

  • 15 manufacturing facilities nation wide

  • Also owns Snickers, Uncle Bens, Pedigree and Whiskas

  • Headquartered in Hackettstown NJ

Throughout the Years, Around the World and Into Space

  • 1941- Introduced to American GI’s serving in WWII

  • 1954- Peanut M&M’s entered the market

  • 1972- M&M’s Brand characters first appeared on packaging, print and TV advertising, reinforcing brand awareness

  • 1980- Entered international markets

  • 1982- Rocketed into space

Throughout the Years (Cont.)

  • 1995- American’s vote for a new color

  • 1996- M&M Mini’s were first introduced on the market, Colorworks campaign begins

  • 1997- M&M’s World opens in Las Vegas

  • 2000- Named the official candy of the new Millennium

  • 2002- First ever “Global Color Vote” held online

  • 2004- Where did all the color go?

  • 2004- Shrek 2 campaign

“Get Ogre-sized” Campaign

  • National campaign

  • Timed for release with Shrek 2

  • Partnered with DreamWorks to produce commercial

  • Tied in with sweepstakes “Ogre-Sized Load”

  • Merchandising opportunities

Get Ogre-sized Campaign

  • First-ever oversized version

  • 50 percent bigger

  • Plain and Peanut only come in “Swampy” colors

  • Minis have colorful new look- “Pretty” and “Swampy” which remains a mystery until opened

Commercials & Interactive Media

  • “Kiss Somebody”

  • Wallpaper Maker

  • E-Cards

  • Screensavers

  • “Ogre Breath Test”

Integrated Marketing Communication

  • NASCAR Team

  • Nintendo Games

  • M&M’s World

  • Merchandise and collectibles

  • Newsletter

  • On-line contest

  • Interactive Web-site

Public Relations

  • Susan G. Koman Breast Cancer Foundation

  • Pink and white

  • $.50 donation per package sold

  • $250,000 minimum donation

  • Campaign runs September-November

Public Relations

  • 2003 marked the birth of a wonderful relationship between M&M'S Brand and Special Olympics.

  • Launched "Keep Wrappers to Keep Dreams Alive" program, which raised over 1 million dollars.

Public Relations

  • In 1976, due to public controversy surrounding a particular red food coloring, red M&M'S were removed.

  • The red food coloring in question was not actually used in M&M'S. However, to avoid consumer confusion, the red candies were pulled from the color mix.

  • In 1987, red was brought back

What’s Next for M&M’s

  • “Chocolate is Better in Color”

  • Focuses on the return of bright colors after Wrap-up of “The Great Color Quest”

  • Aggressive advertising by Omnicom Group Inc.

  • Includes new commercials and music to target Generation X

  • Also has different version for others


  • Campaign was very effective due to tie in with Shrek 2

  • It increased brand awareness and recognition

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