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CI midterm Bobur

Group: 401

Student: Bobur Turgunboev





Turgunboev Bobur

Number of the students:


Group: 319

Observed teacher:

Mr. Odil Khabulov

Level of the students:


Teacher’s readiness to the class (lesson plan, handouts, textbook)

The instructor arranged the nitty gritty strategy of the lesson significantly in progress. It was teacher’s one of the accomplishments to interest understudies and charm their consideration from the exceptionally starting of the lesson with preparatory warm-up. He moreover disseminated bona fide materials which were fitting to the level of understudies. In spite of the fact that he did not give the understudies with any kind of reading material, the freebees and materials were exceptionally beneficial for them construct to their fitness of imaginative composing abilities.

Teachers knowledge on the theme

Mr. Odil illustrated an immaculate extend of scholastic information concerning the subject. He was moreover able to clarify the topic with a particular gather core and kept up it with individual encounter empowering understudies to consider even mere subtle elements of the method

Teacher’s ability to control the class

As the educators had long-term foundation instructing encounter, he did not experience any challenges in controlling students’ deportment and their execution. He was respectful sufficient to command the teaches to regard the inner classroom rules when a few of them hindered execution of their peers.

Used activities in the lesson (warm up, pre-while-post activities)

At first, he commenced the lesson with a warm-up activity which made students both physically and rationally prepared to a modern point encouraging them to achieve a wide run of physical exercises agreeing to a theme song. The tutor organized a really charming movement for the complete lesson separating it up to three primary parts (pre, whereas and post exercises). Within the to begin with organize, he displayed understudies a diverse range of picture sets and they were required to examine the photographs orally. Hence, he clarified how to form up a story based on those pictures clarifying different explanatory gadgets to utilize in arrange to create their composing imaginative one. Within the last arrange, understudies were anticipated to yield their individual piece of inventive composing depending on given set of pictures. As a cool-down movement, educator encouraged understudies to assess works or their peers and clarify them their deficiencies on the off chance that there are any of them.

The presence of IT in the classroom and its usage in the lesson

As the classroom was completely prepared with all conceivable mechanical gadgets, a really effective utilization of IT can be watched all through the lesson. He utilized suitable run of sound, video and these sorts of visual materials in arrange to get a effective result from this lesson. It was noteworthy portion of the lesson when he chosen to check the domestic task based on video which would be dissected by teaches at domestic.

Use of mother tongue (when and why)

Since the educators was a local speaker of target dialect, exceptionally limited utilization of mother tongue at classroom (either Uzbek or Russian) may be watched. Understudies connected to their mother tongue as it were when they were talking commonly, but educator afterward denied this utilization of mother tongue as well.

Use of understandable English

It was not challenging for understudies to procure the data given as it were in English as educator used generally streamlined dialect n arrange to create all the information comprehensible to understudies.

Sequences of the activities, time spent on each

The arrangement of exercises was well-organized. In any case, as understudies were exceptionally dynamic in a few parts, there wasn’t satisfactory time for completing a few works out while a few expended more than teachers had planned.

Students’ attendance during the class

Teacher encouraged to participate actively even low-performing students giving them appraisal appropriately.

The number of active/passive students

As the lesson was organized in the event that free fashion for all understudies, indeed understudies who did not have an satisfactory command of English did not feel any boundaries to share their suppositions. Hence, it can be concluded that there were not any inactive students.

Task achievement (was the teacher able to have all her/his students understand the topic or learn something new)

It can be concluded by watching the lesson that educator may accomplish a fruitful assignment accomplishment instructing understudies compelling strategies for imaginative composing aptitudes. This could too be watched by exceptionally few botches that were committed by understudies in their last drafts of depicting a story.

Matthew Blake

Observer: Turgunboev Bobur

Observed teacher: Odil Khabulov


Student trainer: Odil Khabulov

What topic you covered

Describing a situation with the help of movements

How long it lasted

35 minutes

What methods you applied

Pair work, group work, individual work

What equipment you used

Handouts, visual aids including video and audio materials, IT devices.

What the weak points were

According to Mr. Odil, I was not able to manage students’ behavior who were interrupting their peers.

What you should work on

As it were perspective on which I ought to work on is picking up sufficient encounter by conducting more lessons in arrange to get a fruitful errand accomplishment out of my lessons.

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