Public Library Buildings funded by the Library Bond Act of 2000 Facts about Funded Projects

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Public Library Buildings funded by the Library Bond Act of 2000

Facts about Funded Projects:

Local Matching Funds Required 35% Local Match – 65% State Grant $100+ Million Local Funds Generated

81st Avenue Branch Library

Acton-Agua Dulce Library

Alameda Main Library

Bruggemeyer Memorial Library

Calabasas Public Library

Camarillo Library

Homework Centers Most projects are Joint-use Libraries that focus on serving K-12 students with Homework Centers.

Castro Valley Library

Castroville Library

Dorris Library

Fairfield Cordelia Library

Fontana Library

Frazier Park Branch Library

Family Literacy Centers Many have Family Literacy Centers that help adults and children learn to read.

Harbor Gateway – Harbor City Branch Library

Haskett Branch Library

Hercules Public Library

Hesperia Branch Library

Highland Branch Library

Ingleside Branch Library

Career Centers Some have Career Centers to assist job seekers and expand economic development opportunities.

Julian Branch Library

Lafayette Library

Lawndale Library

Lincoln Public Library

Logan Heights Branch Library

MacArthur Park Branch Library

Universal Access All provide access for people with disabilities.

Manor Branch Library

Mariners Library

Mendota Branch Library

Murrieta Public Library

National City Public Library

North Natomas Library

New Libraries About half of the projects are new libraries built where none existed previously.

Orange (City) Main Library

Orange Cove Library

Pickleweed Library

Redding – Shasta County Library

Redwood Shores Library

Richmond Branch Library

Replace & Remodel The other half replace or remodel worn out libraries. The oldest was built in 1888.

San Diego Main Library

San Mateo Main Library

Santa Maria Public Library

Sierra Valley Library

South Oxnard Branch Library

Temecula Public Library

Tranquillity Branch Library

Victoria Gardens Library

Visalia Library

More information about each project is available on the California State Library website (

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