Putting People First Provider Update

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Putting People First

  • Provider Update

  • Horncastle

  • January 2010


  • The Resource Allocation System (RAS) for Adult Social Care in Lincolnshire was due to commence Monday 11th January 2010. Bad Weather had stalled its introduction and it began on the 18th.

  • From this date following the agreed roll out programme the RAS will be the only means by which someone new entering services will be able to access support from ASC.


Support Team

  • To assist staff there is a support team:

    • Andrew Wells
    • Lilian Crawford
    • Alan Dean
    • Lynne Bucknall
  • Team will give direct support and advice to Teams whilst on-site or remotely.

Risk Enablement Board

The Future

  • By April 2010 all new people entering Adult Social Care will have the indicative amount of their Personal Budget determined by the Resource Allocation System.

  • A range of different options will be put in place to enable existing users of service to access a more flexible approach to their support.

Individual Service Fund

  • Pilot has begun

  • Money is lodged with the provider(s)

  • Support plan identifies the outcomes

  • Provider works with the individual to provide flexible support which achieves the outcomes in the support plan.

  • 8 People in the Sleaford Area now have support through an ISF.

Lincolnshire Assessment & Reablement Service: LARS

  • All areas are now providing an Assessment and Reablement Service.

  • Independent evaluation of LARS has begun (4th January)

  • 3 month project to evaluate Independent Sector Provision of LARS underway.

Person Centred Approaches

  • Mark Rainey / Rebecca Forster will be introducing this topic after the break.

  • National approach in support of the Personalisation Agenda. LCC needing to have a strategy agreed by 31st March 2010

  • Person Centred Planning has been around within Learning Difficulty Services. In its revised form is now being introduced across all services.

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