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Seasons A2 listening

Seasons A2 listening

There are four main seasons that exist: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. In English, the Fall season is also called Autumn, so you can hear some people say “Fall” and other people say Autumn. Some of the differences between the four seasons.

Spring is universally known as the season that brings life. This is the time of year when the flowers bloom, and the trees fill with new leaves. In some regions, Spring is a really beautiful season, but in other places, spring is not so exciting. For example, if you live in the Northern regions of the U.S., Spring is usually a really beautiful time of the year. But if you live in other parts of the U.S., there isn’t much difference between Spring and the other seasons. When I lived in Oregon, I saw a really Spring for the first time. The trees turned green, pink and purple and the whole landscape looked different. But in the other cities where I’ve lived , this type of spring season doesn’t exist. Spring is also the season when the days get longer, because most countries start daylight savings time at the beginning of Spring.
Summer is my favourite season, because I love the sun, and I love long days. Of course, in some places, Summer can be uncountable because of the heat. In certain cities, the temperature in the Summer can be 40 or even 45 degrees Celsius. I can handle hot weather, but if it's hotter than 40 degrees, that’s a little too much.
Summer is usually kid’s favorite season too, because they have Summer break, or Summer vacation. When I was young, everyone would get so exited in June because it was the last month of school. We would get about two and a half months of break, and it was great. Summer is also the season when many people take family vacation and travel. In my opinion, Summer’s the best season of them all.
Now, let’s talk about Fall or Autumn. Fall is similar to Spring I that some places don’t really have this season. But if you go to a region that does have this season, you’ll see some amazing colors. For example, when I lived in Oregon, fall was a distinct season. Around the end of September, the leaves on the trees would change color and become red, orange and yellow. If you have never seen this before, I recommend that you take a trip to a region that his season. It’s such a cool experience to see the colors. And of course, the leaves fall down from the trees, so there are leaves everywhere on the ground. That means that when you walk, there are always leaves crunching under your feet. But, in most of the cities where I have lived, there is no real fall season. Lastly, let’s talk about Winter. For many people, this is the worst season because it’s really cold. If you live in a cold country, Winter lasts for a really long time. This brings a lot of problems and hard work. In the cities where I’ve lived, though, winter is mild. In southern California and Mexico, the temperature doesn’t get very low , and it doesn’t snow. So, I never experienced a true winter before, and I’m okay with that. I think Winter can also be beautiful if there’s snow. And there are plenty of fun winter activities that you can only do in the snow, like skiing and snowboarding. So Winter can be either be miserable or great, depending on who you are and where you are.
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