Studying with multiple sources. As as, not so as task Discuss the following questions. Provide a specific example

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6. task studying with multiple souces as.... as

Task 1. Discuss the following questions.Provide a specific example.

- What are the primary and secondary sources in your studies?

- What are the effects of those sources?

Task 2. Make up sentences using comparatives given below.

Eg.: Studying with a single source is not as effective as studying with multiple ones.

__ not as important as...

_ as comfortable as...

_ not nearly as useful as....

_ as interesting as....

_ a s quiet as...

_ a s usefull as...

__just as good as...

_ as much as possible..

Task 3. Find which words in A column go with the one in В to form common coparative expressions with as

Task 4. Complete the sentences with the expressions in Ex. 3.

Eg: - The girl entering the library looks very nice, doesn’t she? Oh yes, she is as pretty as a picture.

1. Ali i s _________________________ he can’t see anything without his glasses.

2. Oh, dear! We will have to change a tyre, it i s __

3. If it doesn’t rain soon, they will never grow anything in their garden, it is _______________________ .

4. Shokir had a good sleep last night, so he is in the morning.

5. Salim’s friends woudn’t lend him any money, he is _______________________________ .

6. Nabi has been in bed all week with a cold and he was__________________________ .

7. My sister’s daughter has been offered a place at the university. She is _____________________. She has already told all her relatives.

8. Davron has lost a lot of weight. Do you think he is OK? He ooks___________________ to me.

9. Olim i s _______________Once he makes up his mind he does it. Nothing can stop him.

Task 5. Listen and choose the correct answers
Approaches to Learning

People appear (1)___________in different ways. Some people expect(2) ___________ mistakes in their studies and are capable of (3)___________from their mistakes. They don’t mind (4)________ by their teacher and indeed often ask (5)_________corrected.

Others, however, dislike(6)__________mistakes. They try to avoid(7)________ anything which they might do badly. They would rather(8)________something in small steps and be sure they have got it right (9)________ attempt to do a task based on a subject they don’t feel they have finished(lO)________yet.

Both ways of learning seem(ll)________equally valid, but a combination of the two may be the best solution. In (12)____________to learn effectively, students have to remember(13)___________risks sometimes. But they also have to feel comfortable and secure with what they’re doing so (14)__________not to become demotivated. All students should at least think about(15)_______ the way that they approach learning.

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