Table Tennis History and other facts! By: Emora Baggett Over 0 million players participate in table tennis tournaments around the world. Table tennis is globally the most popular racket sport

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Table Tennis
History and other facts!
By: Emora Baggett
Over 10 million players participate in 
table tennis tournaments around the 
Table tennis is globally the most popular 
racket sport, and is ranked 2nd of all 
sports in participation.
The longest rally that was ever 
recorded was a total of 32 000 hits. 
It took 8 hours 42 minutes and 5 

What is Table Tennis?
How to Play 
Table tennis is a fairly complex game. Not only 
physically, but mentally. The game starts with two or 
four people, a table, a racket and a ping pong ball. 
Table tennis relies a lot on your hand eye coordination. 
Lots of beginners improve this skill by practising 
against a wall or with a balloon. The two people each 
stand on a side of the table. When they are both ready 
one person will serve the ball. It is important to 
remember to loosen your grip when playing table 
tennis. This will make it easier to move your wrist, and 
you will have more accuracy. When you serve the ball, 
it will bounce once on your side, then moves to the 
opponent's side to bounce once there. The players will 
proceed to hit the ball to the opposite side. Eventually 
one of the players will miss the table, miss the ball or 
hit the net. This is how the other player gets a point. At 
the end of a game it is always polite to shake your 
opponent’s hand, but maybe not during covid.
Click here to see a 
video I made with 
stop motion 

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