Tashkent Pharmaceutical Insitut My first experiment

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Tashkent Pharmaceutical Insitut My first experiment

Ismoilova Mohira

Plan: 🩸Equipment needed in the laboratory 🩸Safety rules in the laboratory 🩸Chemical experiments

Chemistry is the equipment we need Flask, test tube, cylindr, tripod, batles and balance scale

Safety rules‼️ When working in the chemistry lab room, we should always wear a white coat. Substances cannot be smelled without knowledge

It is necessary to pay attention to the places where the current goes

All kinds of dangerous things can happen in a laboratory room. Therefore, caution is required. Chemical substances should be used according to their properties

chemical experiments in chemical experiments, gas can be released, precipitates can fall.

This is a reaction with gas release
There are similar experiences

May the flag of Uzbekistan always fly

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