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Hotel Mirzakarimov Jahongir

ISFT – 2023
Student: Mirzakarimov Jahongir
Group: FMA-11
Teacher: Mahkamova komila
The Ritz-Carlton Moscow Hotel

It is located in the vicinity of Red Square and the Kremlin, in the cultural and business center of Moscow, the Ritz-Carlton, is a magnificent 11-story building, the Windows of which command breathtaking views of the city.

Restaurants and bars, a beauty salon, a fitness centre and a spacious Spa-center ESPA, including swimming pool, saunas, steam rooms and 14 rooms for Spa treatments is a far from complete list of recreational.

Professional Concierge team and a multi-lingual staff is always ready to fulfill every guest's wish.

Enjoy the refined luxury of the rooms at The Ritz-Carlton, Moscow. Offering hotel guests the most spacious in the city rooms and suites, and the exclusivity of the Club floors and excellent service, the Ritz-Carlton, Moscow is an oasis of luxury steps from the Red Square.

Rooms and suites

Deluxe Rooms
Carlton Suites
Superior Rooms
The Ritz-Carlton Suites
Executive Studio Suites
Club Rooms

The Ritz-Carlton, Moscow is the best in the culinary world. Let us invite You to a vivid gastronomic journey. With pleasure. At Your service.

The Ritz-Carlton Bar & Lobby Lounge
Café Russe
Novikov Restaurant & Bar
Food delivery to rooms

The Ritz-Carlton Bar & Lobby Lounge

The decor of the bar corresponding to the luxurious interiors of our lobby, offers a pleasant rest and relaxed conversations. Here you can enjoy the rich selection of fine alcoholic beverages or indulge in rare teas. Gourmet the perfect place to enjoy upscale cocktails and offer original snacks and the best cigars.

Food delivery to rooms

Hour room service in the rooms allows everybody to enjoy popular dishes of international and Russian dishes at any time. Awake in anticipation of a delicious Breakfast, order an evening snack or dinner without leaving your room.

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