We want to learn more about your background, beliefs, values, and/or the important people in your life

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We want to learn more about your background

We want to learn more about your background, beliefs, values, and/or the important people in your life. Please tell us about something that has influenced you and articulate how it has shaped you.
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For me moving to a boarding school was life changer. This was whole different experience. Before moving to boarding school, I was very irresponsible, unconfident and lazy. After moving everything changed responsibility, laziness, confidence and so on.
When I was struggling at the beginning. I started to think more about my lifestyle, I changed the way how I do things I started to be more organized and tried to focus on classes with help of my friend. Then by time I managed to increase my marks, organize my room, adapt new habits. I became a person who would I have dreamed to be back in 2019 when I entered this school.
What exactly has changed me? Waking up at 6:30 am every day, preparing for school day by myself, going to sleep at exactly 10:30 pm, eating at the same time every day, being consistent, and still there are tons of things that changed me. However, if I haven’t entered this boarding school at that time, I don’t think that I would have acquired these skills at this age. Consequently, the only thing that has influenced my life is that entering to boarding school.
For students whose native language is not English, please describe your experience with all aspects -- reading, writing, listening, and speaking -- of the English language. Examples of experience are formal schooling, immersion program, life experience, etc. (200 word max)

I didn’t face much of problem with English. I started learning it in 2016 since then I was constantly improving my English. My current school is International so lessons are conducted in English.
Being a student in international school has list of benefits for my English. First of all, I learned how to understand school materials also I improved my speaking with help of my English teacher. She has beautiful American accent and her native language is English. Regarding to writing I am quite good at it. I attended journalism club in my school and it helped me dramatically increase my writing skills. Because I was writing and publishing articles about our school life. When you listen to native English speakers in my case my teachers your listening skills also going to develop. Thus, you will be able to catch up even small details.
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