Workshop on Leukocyte Reduction of Blood and Blood Components: An Update

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Workshop on Leukocyte Reduction of Blood and Blood Components: An Update

  • Alan E. Williams, Ph.D.

  • Division of Blood Applications


  • July 20, 2005

Workshop Goals:

  • Review new evidence regarding leukocyte reduction for non-targeted recipient populations. (Assume accepted medical value of leukocyte reduction for targeted recipient populations)

  • Update on leukoreduction failures and adverse events

  • Practical, effective process control

Morning Agenda:

Morning Agenda (cont.):

  • Recent Studies Addressing the Value of Pre-storage Leukoreduction for Non-Targeted Recipients

  • The Yale-New Haven Hospital Universal Leukocyte Reduction Program

    • Edward Snyder, M.D. Yale University School of Medicine

Morning Agenda (cont.):

Afternoon Agenda:

  • Practical Aspects of Pre-storage Leukoreduction in a Blood Establishment, including Use of Pooled Samples for Enumeration of Residual Leukocytes

    • Timothy Malone, Florida Blood Services
  • Practical Aspects of Pre-storage Leukoreduction in Blood Establishments

    • Dan Waxman, M.D., America’s Blood Centers
    • Fred Walker, Ph.D. American National Red Cross

Afternoon Agenda (cont.):

  • FDA Current Considerations: Pre-Storage Leukoreduction: Process Validation, Quality Assurance and Monitoring, Processing, Testing, and Licensure

    • Alan Williams, PhD and Sharyn Orton, PhD, Division of Blood Application, OBRR, CBER
    • Questions for Afternoon Speakers and Open Public Hearing

Afternoon Agenda (cont.):

    • Panel Discussion:
    • Dana Devine, Ph.D.
    • Larry Dumont,Ph.D.
    • Celso Bianco, MD
    • Michael Busch, MD Ph.D.
    • Harvey Klein MD
    • Gary Moroff, Ph.D.
    • Moderator: Alan E. Williams, Ph.D.

Afternoon Agenda (cont.):

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