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111, Г (1), 3 Инновацион ТА фанидан вариантлар Кириллча, AZAMAT KADASTR KARTA, AZAMAT KADASTR KARTA, innovatsiya va innovatsion menejment, Dasturlash 1 lab (2), 2.dik, 3.dik, 1 (1), Жисмоний тарбия ва спорт тўғрисидаги қонун(1-u), Жисмоний тарбия ва спорт тўғрисидаги қонун(1-u), Жисмоний тарбия ва спорт тўғрисидаги қонун(1-u), 1-seminar pedagogika

Before you read

1. New Year

2. Go to the park

2. Valentine's day. it is best time to say that we love each other


1. a

2. a

3. b

4. b

5 c

6 a

7 c

8 b

9 b

Words that go together

1 d

2 c

3 c

4 b


1. Navruz



4. when celebrating holidays that are related to past

5. dolls

6. if it is worth trying it better not to give up and vice versa.

UNderstanding the rading

1. b

2 a

3 d

Remembering the details

1. cloth

2. dolls

3.Children's day

4. fish


6. school

Making inferences

1. inferred

2. stated

3. stated

4. inferred

5. inferred


Mother's Day.

Well, to be honest I was not home on Mother's day. I was in Bangalore for my entrance exam.

A little about the background. I had been preparing for my Master's Entrance Exam from last three months for my dream college. So now, on Mother's day, I decided to call and wish. I wished her and she wished me luck for my exam.

Sadly, my exam and interview didn't go well and I had no hopes of getting in. The result was to be declared the next day. So I left Bangalore and was traveling back to Pune.

It was a night journey. It was morning 5:30 when I got a mail saying I was SELECTED.

Although, I never mentioned it but I think this is the best mother's day gift I could ever give her.

Gramatika qismi


1. Felix R. is the journalist whose tape recorder was stolen

2. Giraham W. is the architect who knew Colin at school

3. Rex C. is the farmer whose land Colin bought

4. Norman Bridge is the lawyer who looked after Colin's interests

5. Sonia Goldman is the house guest whose fingerprints were on the door handle

2 - mashq

1. What you have to think about is your profit

2. what you must know is the needs of your costumers

3. What you should work towards is a realistic target

4. What you need to do is to plan ahead.


1 it was in 1492 that Columbus sailed to America

2. It is Golf that Tiger Woods plays

3. It is Greece where The Olympic Games first took place

4. It is Mercury which is nearest to the Sun
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