Card #3 Date Group: Name

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Card #3 Intermidiate assessment December 2018
Etika, Estetika, Mantiq., Pechatga, Betlik, Reja Falsafa atamasining kelib chiqishi. Falsafa shakllanishini-1, Reja Falsafa atamasining kelib chiqishi. Falsafa shakllanishini-1, Reja Falsafa atamasining kelib chiqishi. Falsafa shakllanishini-1, Reja Falsafa atamasining kelib chiqishi. Falsafa shakllanishini-1, DIQQAT, DIQQAT, 2 umk, mustaqil ish, Men va pul, tayanch- harakatlanish azolari sistemasining yoshga oid xususiyatlari va uni oqitilish metodikasi, zachot copy, zachot copy

Card #3 Date_______________ Group: __________________
Name: __________________________________________________

Task 1: Fill in the gap.

1. Where ___do___ you work, Betty?

2. I work for Dell in Dubai. __What___ about you?
3. I work __for___ Microsoft in Prague.
4.Where ___does___ Frida work?
5. She works with __me__ in Prague.
6. The workshop__starts____ in five minutes. Let’s go.

Task 2: Choose the best answer

7.He …..use Word but he …… use Excel.

a. can / can’t b. have to / mustn’t c. must / mayn’t d. cans/must
8.There are six ….in the sales ….. .
a. student/ team b. man/ house c. people / team d. pupils / place
9.Five people are …..the office four days ….the week.
a. out of / of b. into / by c. at / for d. for/for
10. Employees …., ….and…..
a. play/ game /write c. print / scan / copy
b. run / delete / paste d. shut down / hibernate / sleep
11.…. and ….data must be stored on a separate device and backed up regularly.
a. Company / client c. Home / person
b. Business / erasing d. my/you
12. I am writing a short … the IT manager with my……. .
a. advise/ email c. email / recommendations
b. letter / computer d .briefcase / advice
13.Which ….the most expensive? I ….it is Serif Image Plus.
a. were / guess c. am / thought
b. are/ want d. is / think
14. I….you should ….that. It is the most reliable.
a. thought/cry c. understand / cut
b. guess / paste d. think / buy
15. That … … is much worse than before!
a. screen / resolution c. ice / cream
c. university / house d. monitor/page
16. We …..comparative adjectives to …..two people or things.
a. have/choosing c. use / compare
b. place / derive d. exploit / switch

Task 3: Complete these questions with the words. You do not need all the words: how long, how many, how much, how often, what, when, where, which, who, why

17. A: ____why________ hits do they get each week? B: About 1,500.

18. A: _Which_ do people visit entertainment sites? B: Because they want to relax.
19. A: __What_____ do you use CNN for? B: Finding out about world news.
20. A: ______When______ do you use Facebook? B: In the evening.
21. A: ______Where___ can I buy electronic products? B: Try
22. A: ___How often___ do you visit My space? B: Every day.
23. A: ___How long___ do you spend on the site each day? B: About an hour.
24. A: ___How much_____ traffic does each site get? B: It gets a lot of visitors.

Task 4: Choose the correct words in italics.

25.I work in an office in/to Dubai.

26.I work with/for SAP there.
27.I start work in/at 8.15
28. I has/have a break at 12.30.
29. I finish/play my work at 6 p.m.
30. My colleague switches off/ switches on the light, shuts the windows, locks the door and goes home.

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