Chassis systems Passed: Ismoilov a accepted: Nazaraliyeva m introduction

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22-20 Ismoilov A
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Chassis systems
Passed: Ismoilov A
Accepted: Nazaraliyeva M
Introduction The requirements of the springs can be summarised as follows:

The effect of suspension As a wheel hits a bump in the road, it is moved upwards with quite some force. An unsprung wheel is affected only by gravity, which will try to return the wheel to the road surface. However, most of the energy will be transferred to the body. When a spring is used between the wheel and the vehicle body, most of the energy in the bouncing wheel is stored in the spring and not passed to the vehicle body. The vehicle body will only move upwards through a very small distance compared to the movement of the wheel.
Springs These parts of the suspension system take up the movement or shock from the road. The energy of the movement is stored in the spring. The actual spring itself can be in many different forms, ranging from a steel coil to a pressurised chamber of nitrogen. Soft springs provide the best comfort, but stiff springs can be better for high performance. Vehicle springs and suspension therefore are made to provide a compromise between good handling and comfort.
Rubber stop
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