Choose the answer which correctly completes

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ENGLISH 18.03.2022

  1. Choose the answer which correctly completes

- Where is Sally?
- She’s in her room . . . to music.
A) listened B) listens C) listen
D) listening
2. There wasn’t ... news yesterday.

  1. little B) many C) few D) much

3.I’ve got ... money left, we can buy ... flowers for
the hostess.
A) a few/a little B) little/a few

  1. C) a little/few D) a little/a few

4.Choose the best answer (adjective).
In spite of Shakespeare’s fame we know very
. . . about his life.

  1. little B) a little C) few D) less

5.Choose the appropriate answer.
- What would you like to drink?
- I’ll have ..., please.
A) little tea B) a tea cup C) a cup of tea
D) a lot tea
6.Sally lost her purse and I offered her . . .
to get home.

  1. lot B) a number of C) plenty D) some

7.There’s no need to hurry. We have got . . .
A) many of time B) much all time
C) plenty of time D) little of time
8.He’s the best companion I’ve ... worked with.

A) never B) ever C) already D) still

9.Are you ... working at the University?
A) yet B) always C) already D) still
10.Mum was angry with me again. I . . . hadn’t
done my homework when she came home.
A) still B) yet C) already D) just
11.Passing the house we noticed two old women
the front garden talking animatedly. On our
back we found . . . two women still chatting.
A) some B) – C) the D) any
12.The sun . . . out three hours ago. It is still
A) came B) has come C) come
D) will come
13.Choose the appropriate form of the verb.
Bob and Tom ... still ... for you outside the
A) was ... waiting B) am ... waiting
C) had ... waited D) are ... waiting
14.Choose the best answer.
They ... still ... the article when he came in.
A) are/discussing B) were/discussing

C) had/discussed D) were/discussed

Choose the answer which correctly completes
I can do it by myself. I need . . . help.
A) no B) neither C) any D) -
15.Choose the answer which correctly completes

The performance was . . . successful. The

audience left before it was over.
A) none B) - C) not D) nor
16.Choose the answer which correctly completes
When I fell ill, I had . . . choice but to cancel my
a) any B) some C) - D) no
17.Choose the suitable words.
There once lived in the city of Aden a robber
called Djabir. He attacked . . .both on land and
at sea.
A) not anybody B) somebody C) nobody
D) everybody
18.Everybody knows that calcium is necessary for
. . . development of strong bones and teeth.
A) a B) the C) an D) -
19.I have an urgent message for Jane. I’ve tried
phoning, but every time I phone there’s . . . in.
A) nobody B) somebody C) anybody
D) everybody
20.All of the guests enjoyed . . . at the reception.
Everybody hated to leave.
A) himself B) ourselves C) themselves
D) itself
21.We got home late. We were very tired
and . . .went to bed at once.
A) anybody B) nobody C) somebody D) everybody
22.Choose the right answer.
Don says he is 65 years old but . . . believes him.
A) everybody B) anybody C) somebody D) nobody
23.. . . who has lost his ticket should report to the
A) Somebody B) Something C) Anybody
D) Everybody
24.. . . knows the proverb ”Scratch . . .back and
I’ll scratch . . . !”
A) everybody/your/my B) anybody/his/hers
C) everybody/my/yours D) nobody/our/his
25.Choose the appropriate form of the verb.
Listen! Somebody ... at the door.
A) knocked B) has knocked C) is knocking
D) was knocking
26.Choose the appropriate form of the verb.
Who ... to see me yesterday?
A) comes B) will come C) came
D) has come
27.Choose the appropriate form of the verbs.
What ... you ...? I ... a letter.
A) are/doing/am writing
B) have/done/am writing C) -/did/write
D) vere/doing/am writing
28.Choose the appropriate form of the verb.
Last summer we ... a trip to Aktash.
A) made B) has made C) are making
D) shall make
29.Peter didn’t remind me about the meeting. Ann
didn’t tell me anything about it ... .
A) either B) too C) yet D) also
30.Choose the best answer.
I failed to make any friends here. I am ... alone.
A) as well B) as C) still D) yet

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