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A brilliant human brain surgeon. It was his mother and his research that made him achieve this result. His mother taught him to believe in miracles. If his mother does not know how to read, his sons
made him a world famous person. even though his mother did not have a partner, he was able to raise his children well.
I really liked one of his mother's sayings: "If you want to achieve something, take patience", "You can do what others can do, only you can do it better." Ben Carson's mother is also the reason why school changes for the better.
but he is discriminated against in his first school for being a black man. When his mother saw this, he got angry and fled to another place.
there ben studies with black kids like him. there he almost kills a child and he regrets it and asks God for forgiveness and repents. is back on track.
ben starts reading with his mother's insistence. and he likes it. Ben is interested in what he doesn't know and tries to find out. As a result of his research, Ben Carson entered Yale University.
When ben carson starts his job interview, he is asked the question "why with brain surgery
do you want to do"
he answers "this is a miracle, do you believe in miracles, few doctors believe, faith is not so widespread among doctors, I believe we all are capable of performing miracles." Therefore, we need to move forward by believing in God's miracles. we have to believe that we can do many things.
ben carson showed them despite being discriminated against as a black man.
he performed brain surgery. the most famous of which is the impossible surgery. he believed in a miracle and will succeed. based on this, we must understand that we need to believe that we can do a lot and that we should strive towards our goal!
we will do it!
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