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Dominios MAC

Popularidad de MAC: Aumento de visitas a practicantes de MAC

MAC: La evidencia

Dominios MAC

Mosto de St. John

  • Planta médicinal

  • Ampliamente usada

    • $6 billones de ventas europeas (1998)
    • $140 millones de ventas en EUA (1998)
  • Mezcla compleja de > 2 docenas de componentes

  • Constituyente antidepresivo = hiperforin

  • Interacciones medicamentosas

    • Anticonceptivos orales
    • Indinavir
    • Ciclosporina

Quimioprotección: Defensa contra toxinas

CYP3A causa inducción de interacciones medicamentosas

Superfamilia de receptores nucleares

PXR humano Modelo de expresión

PXR se une al promotor CYP3A

Mosto de St. John’s Wort Activates PXR

Mosto de St John regula otros genes objetivo PXR

Katalog: ~super7 -> 24011-25001
~super7 -> Internet dr. Efe Onganer
~super7 -> Alfred Nobel was born on 21 October 1833 in Stockholm, Sweden, into a family of engineers
~super7 -> Modeling travel distance to health care using geographic information systems Anupam Goel, md
~super7 -> Measuring Immunization Coverage among Pre-School Children: Past, Present and Future Opportunities Presented by
~super7 -> Resistance developed in response to stimulus by an antigen (infecting agent or vaccine) and is characterized by the production of antibodies by the host
~super7 -> Mount Etna is the result of convergence between the African and Eurasian Plates
~super7 -> Underground Nuclear Tests on Amchitka Island 1965—Long Shot 80 Kilotons
~super7 -> Planet Earth’s heat flow and lithospheric-mantle collision-zone inter-actions cause volcanic eruptions
~super7 -> The Role of stem cells in human development and potential for treating disease. The Role of stem cells in human development and potential for treating disease
24011-25001 -> 75 Years of Particle Accelerators

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