Effective Emailing

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Effective Emailing


Navoi State Pedagogical Institute Faculty of Foreign Languages Department of English language and literature

by Djuamyeva G.T


  • What is E-mail
  • How to Make an Effective E-Mail
  • Few common email habits that cause problems
  • Structure of E-Mail
  • Style
  • Some other important aspects
  • Discussion

What is E-Mail

How to Make an Effective E-mail

  • Selecting Your Audience Correctly
  • Using Distribution Lists
  • Composing Your Messages
    • Make the heading meaningful
    • Keep each message short and clear.
    • Start each message by stating its purpose/context

Few common e-mail habits that cause problems

  • Changing the topic without changing the subject.
  • Including multiple subjects
  • Misaddressed recipients
  • Displaying addresses of recipients who are strangers to each other
  • Replying vs. forwarding

Structure of E-Mail

  • Addressing
  • Subject
  • Message Text
  • Attachments
  • Signature

1. Addressing

  • It’s the address of the recipient
  • Use BCC to protect Email addresses unless everyone knows each other
  • Maintain address book

2. Subject

  • Precise headline for the message
  • Makes easier to handle of e-MAIL
  • Avoid sending e-mail with No subject

Ineffective subject lines




9:17 am


10:11 am


12:44 pm

One more thing...........

3:02 pm

Some thoughts


Effective subject lines



Party planning meeting rescheduled for 3pm

9:17 am

Help: I can’t find the draft for the Smith Paper

10:11 am

Reminder: peer-review articles due tomorrow (3/30)

12:44 pm

Questions about Sociology 210 project

3:02 pm

Congratulations to Jennifer for winning Nobel Prize


Change subject lines when necessary



Re: Question about Smith paper (was: please help with this!)

10:11 am



Re: Re: Re: [Fwd: [Fwd: [hrfac] Reminder: Deadline for Spring Semester Is Jan. 15]]

9:17 am

Remove extra email prefixes

3. Message Text

  • Keep the message focused and readable
  • Keep it short
  • Brevity and clarity
  • Use paragraphs
  • Break into paragraphs; skip lines between
  • Avoid fancy typefaces

Message Text ( cont. )

  • Use * * to highlight text if you must
  • Write in standard professional English with Capitalization and correct spelling
  • Quote back using contexts
  • Identify yourself clearly to cold contacts.
    • Hello, I am…The reason I am writing…
    • Hello, so-in-so suggested I contact you…

Poor Email Content


Hey, I was just thinking about the meeting we had about the new workshop you were planning for next week about resume-writing. I think that we may have forgotten to include all of the students who might benefit from this workshop. There are several groups of students at the School of

Public Health that were not on your list. Of course you may have added them to you list since our last meeting. Sara from the School of Public Health contacted me to ask if the students from the Epidemiology program were on our list of included students. She also wanted a list of all of the included departments from the School of Public Health. Can you send me a list of all of the included student groups? I can then send the relevant information on to Sara because she needs this information by tomorrow.

Thanks, Rachell

Better Email Content


Can you send me a list of the students included in the resume- writing workshop by tomorrow?

We may have forgotten to include all of the students who might benefit from this workshop. There are several groups of students at the School of Public Health that were not on your list. Sara from the School of Public Health contacted me to ask if the students from the Epidemiology program were on our list. I will send her that information tomorrow after I get the list from you.

Thanks, Rachell

4. Attachments

  • Use sparingly.
  • Cut and paste relevant parts of attachment into text of Email.
  • Use URL links instead.
    • Upload attachments to website and cite URL.
    • http://www.scribd.com/ is a free service.

5. E-mail Signature

  • Use an appropriate signature
  • Brief (4-5 lines)
  • Informative

  • provide all contact information
  • Professional

  • do not include pictures, quotes, animations




Multiple replies can get out of hand, but continue them to maintain the tread.

When they start to drift start a new thread with explanation.

Forwarding stuff, e.g., chain letters Avoid; annoys most people

Wait 24 hours

Write, but don’t send

Don’t reply at all and let them wonder

Style (contd.)

  • Offer to speak by phone or in person; Email is not a good tool for “clearing the air.”
  • Never say in Email what you wouldn’t say in person or would not like to see in the press or defend in court
  • Once you hit “Send” you have lost control of the Email
  • You can never be certain that it was erased from all locations. Think of all Email as Permanent.

Some other important aspects

  • Confidentiality and Security
  • Managing Emails

  • ( E-mail overload Management


Confidentiality and Security

Protecting yourself

  • Unencrypted Email is not secure and may be monitored

  • All laws governing copyright, defamation, discrimination and other forms of written communication also apply to email.

    Password recovery methods

    Never include personal or financial info in an Email

    Install a good security suite on your personal computer

    Use strong passwords

Confidentiality and Secuity (contd.)

  • Use encryption and digital signatures for important Email
  • Have a separate free Email account for newsletters, white paper registration, etc.
  • Delete browser history, cache, cookies, userids and passwords after using a public Internet connection
  • Back up your Email.

E-Mail Overload Management

  • A problem that affects nearly everyone with an e- mail account
  • Automated filters will never catch all of the spam
  • Problems from E-mail Overload
  • Takes longer to find a specific message
  • Stressful to look at
  • Ways to manage E-mail Overload
    • Choose your service provider wisely
    • Do Inbox CHECK on a regular basis
  • Organize Email into folders
  • Keep a copy of all sent Email
  • Review and clean out folders periodically

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