Exercise 8 Dear Sir or Ma’am

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Exercise 8.8
Dear Sir or Ma’am
We are glad to write this email to you to let you know some good changes in our fitness club. Now you can enjoy here by training with some new running track and also you can also enjoy swimming here because of the large pool that has been added to Super Fit. As well as we are glad to offer some other new services too.

We are happy to announce that your membership fee will not increase at all. We appreciate your business and if you tell your friends about us and he or she signs a membership contract, you will get 50% discount for one month.

Chose a super healthy lifestyle with Super Fit

Best wishes

Bob and Joanie
Exercise 8.10
Coffee Place

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We are very happy to announce that you can see new menus here in Coffee Place. It’s not just a new menu, but it is the menu for those who eat gluten-free foods. Yes, that’s correct! We have added gluten-free diets such as Fish and sea foods, new recipes with vegetables and fruits and some other gluten-free diets that you can enjoy eating. We would be very glad to see you here in Coffee Place to enjoy your favorite meals.

Exercise 8.11
Hello Professor! I have interviewed Professor Richard Burant who works at university of Astronomy in Klimantra. As he answered my questions, I got that he spends about 3-4 hours a day handling e-mails, because he has so many students and most of the emails that he gets are from them. On average, he receives more than 40 emails a day and tries to write back all of the relevant emails. As he mentioned, he finds difficulties in writing the emails to some of the students who asks about astrology, because, “it is not my field” he says. He enjoys writing about planets and galaxies to those who asked about them.

The interview was very great with him, because, I also love learning astronomy. So it was interesting for both of us I think.

Best regards
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