It is important to follow fashion

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Task. Write an essay on the topic “ It is important to follow fashion ” Do you agree?

Today, fashion is the topic that causes many debates among people. Some people argue whether to run after fashion is vital or not. From my personal perspective, I am against to this point as following fashion costs much and it threatens cultural uniqueness.

To begin with, fashion always comes after big expenditures of the companies and thus, is not affordable for many to catch up. Let’s take the example of Zara, a well-known brand that pops up on TV or on the cover of fashion magazines with its latest chic clothes, which costs a great deal of money. Consequently, only well-off people can afford to purchase them, putting the others in anxiety. Therefore, I do not consider following fashion as an important trend.

Moreover, many people agree the view that fashion has some negative effects on cultural identity. As an example, for many years, Japan used to be distinguished with its national dress among other nations. But, now thanks to the fashion, this cultural identity is under the threat. Considering this issue, it is not supported the point that states catching up fashion is essential.

In conclusion, as fashion is expensive to follow as well as harmful to cultural values that have been passing on for ages, it is my belief that going after fashion is not crucial. Therefore, it is recommended that people should value their national clothes rather than insensibly following fashion
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