Nigora musayeva case study My future job

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Case study

My future job
Our modern life is being changed into a good side due to more convenient things and I want to opt a good job which helps me to be a good worker

First of all I have more ideas to select some jobs such as: teacher in university ,teacher in school, flight attendant, manager of Hotels, Member of BMT, and work in a good company as a translator

But i try to be a teacher in the university,so for it i should eductaed well and be graduated magister degree and has more skills and be hard working because university teacher teaches to students who will be teacher in any places in the future and i should encourage and teach them perfectly.

Additionally ,there are some advantage and disadvantages of it .

I should self study all time and try to improve my career and be in there till night especially during exams more works are waiting us and I should pay attention the works of students and put sufficient marks to them

On the other hand, I may acquire with them fast because I am kind if my students do homework’s and follow my rulers and also I will have good position and if I try more to teach students and pay attention my documents I will be rector to the university
All in all, we dream all things but for being one of them we should choose best and try to achieve and get it
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