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The main idea of my personal journal is about hurricane ,,Dorian’’ , which has been going on in North American countries such as USA, Canada, Bahamas islands and etc. in the last two-three weeks. Hurricane ,,Dorian’’ consists very strong and heavy winds and storms which has very dangerous impact on country’s economy as well as its citizens. In this journal I am going to talk about ,,Dorian’s’’ effect on these countries economy and life.

Hurricane ,,Dorian’’ began its move from Central Atlantic with high speed and reached its peak in 1st September which showed a speed of 295 km/h. Hurricane firstly entered to Bahamas islands in 1st September and destroyed everything in its way. It was the strongest hurricanes in the history of Bahamas islands. Over the half of the homes of the citizens of Bahamas islands had been damaged by hurricane and floods. Floods destroyed many houses, trees, and historical monuments. According to the last info, around 13000 homes were destroyed by hurricane and floods and 43 people died due to hurricane ,,Dorian’’ in Bahamas islands. Moreover, Property damage in the island were estimated at $7 billion, which is expected to make it by far the costliest storm in Bahamas history. The United Nations projected that at least 70000 people are now homeless in Bahamas islands.

On 2nd September, Florida began experiencing floods and hurricane. In the first day hurricane showed around 75 km/h speed in Florida. During September 3 and 4. Its speed increased slightly and destroyed many homes and trees in this state. A lot of homes lost power due to ,,Dorian’’.

By September 5, storm arrived to Carolina. Over 160000 buildings lost power due to storm and floods. Hurricane ,,Dorian’’ destroyed many buildings, trees and cars which had huge effect on this state’s economy.

On September 7, Canada started to experience strong hurricane and wind. There were strong floods and winds which had dangerous impact on people’s life. More than 400000 building lost power. Floods and winds destroyed many homes, trees and beautiful places in its way. Government says that around $1 million harm expected in these cities.

Hurricane brought huge negative consequences to many countries and one of them is USA. Hurricane ,,Dorian’’ was the strongest landfilling after 1935 Labor day hurricane. More than 100000 buildings were demolished by floods and more than 500000 buildings lost their electric power. Around 10 deaths recorded in the USA and more than 1300 people are missing right now. Damage in the United States is estimated in excess of $500 million. The president of USA Donald Trump stated that government will help for each family who lost their homes and wealth due to hurricanes and floods. In 1st September, Donald Trump canceled his trip to Poland because of hurricanes and floods and Sayed: ,, In such moments, I must be with my nation to help them and deal with such kind of situations’’.

Jasurbek Madjitov

B-5 group
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