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My name is Iskandar Iskandarov.I graduated at Urgench State University. I received a bachelor's degree from the English Language Department at the Faculty of World Languages for 4 years. After graduating in 2014, I worked in different hotels in order to raise the English language skills and communicate with local English speakers. Now I intend to continue my studies at New European College in Germany. After finishing my MD Study, I will come back to Uzbekistan and find a suitable job in Tashkent. After the political upheaval in 2016, the government has introduced new reforms in education. One of them was to open branches of foreign universities in Uzbekistan. At present more than 20 international universities are established in Tashkent. Naturally, the sting has risen sharply to the highly skilled, multilingual staff.

Introduction of my background

I was born in Pitnak city, Khorezm region. In 2010-2014 I studied at Urgench State University and studied English, Russian and Korean languages. During the four years of study and research, I am a solid foundation for science for me. I studied English at different schools and learned English teaching methods.

Why do I choose to study in Germany?

Universities in German are at the top of the fastest growing world ranking. The Master's Degree in Germany will have a significant impact on future career choices. Because in Uzbekistan, employers prefer international experts in the field, preferring the most experienced professionals in the world, because none of the universities in Uzbekistan has yet to be included in the world's ranking.

Why do I choose to study in the New European College?

New European College is one of the strongest college in Germany and the world. The conditions created for international students at this university are well organized. The methodology of teaching foreign languages are carried out by top-level professors and teachers. I chose this program for its motivational and academic atmosphere, modern and attractive sceneries and comfortable reading halls.

Detailed study plan.

I am going to study in marketing in New European College. General length of the study is four semesters. During this period, my study and research will focus on the use of innovative methods in English lessons.

The time arrangement of the Master's program is listed as follow:

First Year (2019-2020)

I would like to spend the first year of my studies on important language courses and studying in Germany educational system. I will participate in seminars, conferences and discussions. According to my research proposal, I would carry out my research plan, arrange detailed experiments, analyze results, and I would like to demonstrate some similarities and differences between Deutch and Uzbek grammar rules. I hope it would be useful for people who are learning Deutch language in Uzbekistan

Second Year (2020-2021)

As the second year, I will complete the most of my graduate studies. Then I will concentrate on my final dissertation and degree defense. I will also notice on the job market of Uzbekistan and search the position as a professional marketing officer.

My plan after graduation

After graduation, I would like to study at PhD in Uzbekistan. Additionally I have a plan to open my own education centre where students can prepare to IELTS and TOPIC exams. Its important to say that every Uzbek student who studies international arena, should achieve a concrete goal and a definite knowledge in own field. After finishing study, we ought to spend foreign experiences on development of Uzbekistan!
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