Presentation how is the weather? Bucheon University in Tashkent

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Bucheon University in Tashkent.

Name of student: Botirova Khonzoda.

Group: 1220A

Ideas for teaching about weather.

  • IDEAS for playing in the weather:
  • 1. Weather Theme Movement Game
  • Roll cubes and move in different ways to locate weather posters.
  • 2. Snow Play Dough
  • Make snow play dough using only 3 ingredients!
  • 3. Clouds in Jars (Teach Preschool)
  • Learn about clouds and cloud formations by creating clouds in jars.

Course of the lesson:

Summer rainy day. Watch the Summer rain with children. Listen to tne rain beating on the windows, see the water flowing down in streams, the puddles on the asphalt. Note what the weather is. Explain that the warm Summer rain waters all the flowers. Pay attention to the rainbow after the rain, what color is it. Ask the children why rain is needed? What are: small, drizzling, strong-downpour, with a thunderstorm, with different directions. Ask a riddle: «Came from heaven, left to earth» (Rain)


4-5 pages: These pictures for the game with children.

Download 2.47 Kb.

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