Revealing Records VI friday 23 May Weston Room, Maughan Library, King’s College London Programme

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Revealing Records VI  

Friday 23 May 

Weston Room, Maughan Library, King’s College London 



09.00: Keynote 1  


Professor Paul Brand (All Souls College, Oxford): 'Plea Rolls and Law Reports: 


formal record and courtroom reality in thirteenth and early fourteenth century 



10.00: Panel 1  


Samantha Blickhan (Royal Holloway College, University of London): 'Palaeography 


and Notation in British Musical Sources,1150-1300: Examining Concordances' 


Sarah Nangle (University College Dublin): 'Crafting music in medieval England' 

10.50: Tea Break 

11.10: Panel 2  


James Moore (King's College London): Social networks and experiences of the cross-


Channel empire after 1066: case study of a Norman family' 


Lucy Hennings (Exeter College, Oxford): 'Recording networks: the role of Magistri in 


the Administration of Henry III, 1216-1272' 


Aleksandr Lobanov (University of Southampton): 'The account of the receiver-


general of the duke of Burgundy as a source for the campaign of 1421' 

12.25: Lunch 

13.10: Keynote 2 


Dr Alice Rio (King's College London): 'Waltharius at Fontenoy? Epic heroism and 


Carolingian political thought' 

14.10: Panel 3 


Alison Creber (King's College London): 'How much control did Adelaide of Turin 


(c.1014/24-1091) have over the Viscounts of Baratonia?' 


Sarah Greer (University of St Andrews): 'Nostri spes et dominatrix: representations of 


female monastic patronage in the historical works of Hrotsvitha of Gandersheim' 

15.00: Tea Break 

15.20: Panel 4 


Joanne Edge (Royal Holloway, University of London): ''Non te despera de Spera 


Pictagoria': The 'Sphere of Pythagoras' and Learned Medical Treatises in England, c. 




Felicity Hill (University of East Anglia): 'Excommunication in thirteenth-century 



16.10: Closing Address 


Daniel Hadas (King's College London) 

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