Sacagawea: The Woman of Peace Pooja Dayal

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Sacagawea: The Woman of Peace

  • Pooja Dayal

  • Jordan Walker

  • 7th period


  • Born on c. 1788

  • Lived with the Shoshone tribe

  • Her life

    • She was kidnapped by a war party of the Hidatsa Indians when she was twelve years old
    • Assisted Meriwether Lewis and William Clark on the Lewis and Clark Expedition (also known as the Corps of Discovery)
  • Her name means “bird women” in Shoshone

  • Most of her life remains a mystery

  • Died December 20, 1812


  • Two Children

    • Jean Baptiste Charbonneau
    • Lizette Charbonneau
  • Husband

    • Touissaint Charbonneau

The Lewis and Clark Expedition

  • Goal

    • Map as much territory of the Louisiana Purchase as possible
    • Search for the Northwest Passage
    • Make contact with Native Americans
    • Record discovery of new plants and animals
  • Lewis and Clark would not have had a successful journey without Sacagawea!

Lewis and Clark Expedition (Continued)

  • How they met

    • Explorers made winter camp at Fort Mandan in present day North Dakota near Sacagawea’s tribe
    • Lewis and Clark hired Sacagawea’s husband (Touissaint) and her as interpreters and guides.

Lewis and Clark Expedition (Continued)

  • Her contribution to the expedition

    • She recognized geography along the journey and explained it to Lewis and Clark
    • She acted as a guide, translator, and peace symbol
    • Her presence (a woman with an infant in her arms, along with a party of men) is a token of peace and stopped any Indians from fighting the explorers.

Lewis and Clark Expedition (Continued)

Lewis and Clark Expedition (Continued)

Her Legacy

  • Sacagawea proved to be an surprising asset to the Corps of Discovery

  • Today, Sacagawea is on our dollar coin.

    • This is the government’s way of thanking her, and showing her importance to America.







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