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  • Scotland is a part of the United Kingdom, located on the British Isles and occupying approximately 30% of the island.

  • The total area of the state is about 78 thousand km2.

  • It can be divided into eight parts: Central Scotland, South West, Edinburgh, Glasgow, West Coast, Orkney and Shetland Islands, Inverness and Highlands, Aberdeenshire and Grampian Highlands.

Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen. Industries

  • Most of Scotland's 5 millions population lives in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen, as this is where most of jobs are.

  • Scotland's traditional industries: coal, steel and shipbuilding.

Highlands and Islands

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  • The Highlands and Islands are sometimes defined as the area to which the Crofters' Act of 1886 applied. This area consisted of eight counties of Scotland:

  • Argyll

  • Caithness

  • Inverness

  • Nairn

  • Orkney

  • Ross and Cromarty

  • Shetland

  • Sutherland

North of Edinburgh and Glasgow

  • North of Edinburgh and Glasgow are the Highlands of Scotland: mountains with few trees, many sheep, wild deer and golden eagles.

  • Few people live in the Highlands.

  • Most of them are farmers, although there is a lot of forestry and fishing.

  • Large areas of the Highlands are kept by rich people for salmon-fishing and deer hunting.

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