Selection is competitive

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Selection is competitive

  • Selection is competitive

  • Four categories for selection

    • A-G Courses
    • Grades (10th-11th)
    • Test Scores
    • High School (Local Area)
    • Local area students eligible for provisional admission based on basic CSU Admission requirements. All others competitive admission.


  • Recommendations

    • Math through the senior year
    • Prepare for college, not just meet admission requirements
    • Make up courses by summer before your senior year
  • It is important to maintain a current email address as CSULB uses email as an official means of communication. Students are reminded to check their emails regularly and often.

Admitted Student Reply Form

  • Admitted Student Reply Form

    • Due by May 1
    • Submit Online at
    • Non-refundable $150 enrollment deposit required
    • Student Orientation, Advising and Registration (SOAR) required ($62)
  • Enrollment Testing Requirements

    • Take EPT/ELM by June 18, 2011 (if not exempt)
  • Final Transcripts

    • Submit by July 15, 2011

CSULB accepts appeals for extreme circumstances only

  • CSULB accepts appeals for extreme circumstances only

  • Student must submit the request in writing

    • Within 10 business days of the date on your denial letter
    • Include documentation related to the extraordinary circumstance
  • Appeal response within 4-6 weeks

  • Mail to:

  • Pursue other education options

Download 445 b.

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