Smart home Create a "smart home" with your own hands

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smart home

Create a "smart home" with your own hands

  • Create a "smart home" with your own hands
  • Mankind's age-old dream of a "smart home" has gradually become a reality in the 21st century, but if the term is considered a concept, then it turns out that its solution is still a long way to go. Very few people now have an organizational system of devices that provide people with convenience, safety and energy savings in one home. The "smart" gadgets that are entering our lives every day will help to increase the level of technological solutions in the home.

The concept of “smart home”

Smart Home is an automated intelligent system designed to control the engineering elements and systems of a room.

  • The concept of “smart home” originated in the United States in the 1970s, when it was defined as an integrated system with a single control panel. The modern concept of “smart home” is a set of management systems that can respond to the existence of man and the environment with the next solution aimed at creating a comfortable and convenient living environment.

If a home has a lighting control system, it already has the right to be called an intellectual or “smart” home.

"Smart" lighting

  • BeON "smart lighting".
  • BeON smart light bulbs allow owners to remember when and how to use the lamp, and even have the ability to work normally when you're not home.
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Digital shower cubicle

Moendan is “smart” He showers.

The "smart" bed

  • New bed generation 360 SmartBed.
  • The company's Sleep Number innovation, as it came out before, can adapt and change the body position of a person who sleeps through the night.

Smart refrigerator.

  • LG Smart InstaView is a "smart" refrigerator.
  • LG's new smart refrigerator runs on a specialized LG webOS operating system, is equipped with an Alexa voice control system and can perform many tasks.

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